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LID assembly instructions

Thank you for purchasing the LID - the easiest way to keep your hydration bladder dry and free of fungi and mold.

The kit contain most of what you need for the assembly, including toxic free glue. You will need a clean work space, some masking tape and a rag to clean residual glue.

Allow the glue to set at least 3 hours between assembly steps and 24 hours before hanging. Applying paint / clear coat will seal the wood against humidity.

Step 1 - Base assembly

Parts required - Base 1, Base 2, Alignment jigs (3 pieces), glue

Organize parts and apply glue as shown in the picture

Press both parts together using the alignment jigs to make sure top and bottom are perfectly match. When the jigs move in and out freely, it's a sign of perfect alignment.

Once everything in place, remove the jigs carefully, clean all excess glue, re-verify alignment with the jigs and let the glue set for at least 3 hours.

Step 2 - Installing walls

Parts required - Assembled base plate, side walls and back wall, glue, masking tape

Organize parts and apply glue as shown in the picture

Put everything together and secure with masking tape.

Clean all excess glue and let the glue set for at least 3 hours.

Step 3 - Connecting attachments

Parts required - Dowel, 2 wood screws, bladder separator cap, J-bolt, flange nut, washer, Nylock nut

Insert the J-bolt into the corresponding hole in the base plate. Replace the nut on the J-bolt with the flange nut.

Secure the bolt to the base plate using the Nylock special nut and washer.

Install the bladder separator cap onto one end of the wood dowel using one of the wood screws

Install the dowel into the base plate using the second wood screw after adding glue to the base.

Your final build should look like that:

Notes and extra images

The LID is made of laser cut high quality Birch plywood which have been sanded after cutting. Some burning smell can be presented as a results of the laser cutting process, but the smell will be gone shortly.

We recommend sealing the plywood with food grade mineral cutting board oil in order to help the wood repel humidity.


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