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From idea to product - GPS

I have created all of my parts out of necessity. Items that I couldn’t find on the market, or that of what was available didn’t fit my needs for either two reasons; price, design, and fit.

I went from realizing what I needed, to the design of what I wanted, then creating the actual part.

This is how I did it:

On the mount side of things, it was always a lot of work to find good fitment because I run handguard and dampener mounts, which I would then modify for my needs.

As for the GPS case, I tried many products just to find out that they are either complicated, bulky, expensive, or just too fragile and would break.

Here are some of the products that I have tried in years past. From left to right, GPS MAP mount based on Touratech case and hand guard mount, Oregon 450 mount based on damper bard clamp and aluminum case, Oregon 600 mount with the same idea as the 450 and the latest, Etrex mount.

So, first thing is first, the handlebar mount. I designed the parts using 3D CAD-CAM software with integrated stress analysis and came out with the 1st design.

I created both parts using a 3D printer as a test run to check fitment, angles, and other issues. Some small changes were made to add strength, to make the parts easier to work with, and to make them easier to machine.

The next step was to find a reputable machine shop to get prototype parts machined out of billet T6061 Aluminum for real life testing.

When that was finished, I made some small changes to the final design. Then I was ready to send a production order to the machine shop to have the final product machined and anodized.

It was a long hard process from start to finish, but that was the only way to insure product functionality and performance. This beauty was definitely worth it!

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