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Priming adapter for KTM / Husky Tpi

Priming adapter for KTM / Husky Tpi


There is cases when you need to prime the oil pump in order to push out air bubbles out of the oil line.


That could be at your garage, after replacing oil pump, that can be as a preventive measure when you want to see if the oil pump function properly or even when the bike runs for a while on it's side while the oil tank is semi empty.


When that happened, simple action as priming the oil pump can be extremely frustrating if you don’t find the priming plug!


The priming adapter attached permanently inside the bike airbox. When the time comes, all you have to do is the following simple procedure:

- Remove airbox cover

- Hold throttle wide open

- Push the button on the plug

- After 5 seconds leave the throttle and the priming process will start

- Priming process will finish after about 25 second, or few seconds after leaving the button


Fit KTM / Husky  Tpi's 150/250/300 from 2018 to 2021

    $34.99 Regular Price
    $29.74Sale Price
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