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LID (Let It Dry) -Hydration Drying Rack

LID (Let It Dry) -Hydration Drying Rack


Leaving the hydration bladder with residual water after riding is a bad idea!

That humidiy can (and will) grow fungss and molds which not only taste bad, they can lead to health issues.

The LID stand is a simple, assemble-it-yourself kit. It will allow you to leave the empy bladder upside down while the seperator cap on the top will spread the bladder walls apart for easy ventilation and quick drying.


Done riding? rinse the water from the bladder, leave it on the stand, and it will wait for you dry and mold free for you next ride. It is that simple.


Now available as option pre assembled! We will assemble it for you, clean it and finish with FDA food grade mineral oil layer.

(allow extra 2-3 days to ship)


Assembly instructions can be found here:



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