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Hydration magnet clip V2

Hydration magnet clip V2

Same great product as V1, the newest model is more compact but deliver better gripping force by using bigger, more powerfull base magnet.

Still using the best rare earth N52 neodymium available in the market!


And if this is not enough, not available as option and XL hose clip which give even more "never let go" power.


Secured with 1.5" Velcro to the bag strap


Please refer to this video how to install the hose into the magnetic clip


Please note that those are small batch production with 3D printing technology. While it will function perfectly good, the finish of the part can be rough somhow and does not have injection mold part finish.

Special color request are welcome (almost any color available, inc translucents!) with min qty of 15 pieces - shoot me an Email about that.

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