Silber Tpi flashing service

Silber Tpi flashing service


  • KTM XC or XC-W150/250/300 TPI 2018+ (must be TPI 2 stroke)
  • Husqvarana TE/TX 150i/250i/300i TPI 2019+
  • GasGas EC/EX 150/250/300 TPI 2021+

This flash product works with all TPI bikes under the KTM family. If your bike says "TPI" we have a flash for you.



We have spent a lot of time in the warmer months building performance products around the KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas lineup of TPI (transfer port injection) off-road motorcycles (150, 250 and 300).


The Problem

From the factory, the TPI engine maps are built around passing the European emissions laws (EURO 4). We have noted the following issues:

  • Lean running motor. The motor can run too lean, especially from idle to 1/2 throttle
  • Erratic on trail. The OEM map can cause the bike to sputter in parts of the throttle
  • Excessive pipe bang on deceleration
  • Uses a very small amount of 2 stroke oil. Some riders have already had durability problems as a result. We can turn the oil pump up slightly, resulting in a safer running motor.
  • Performance is a bit flat. Many riders have been out climbed and hole shotted by their buddies on the exact same bike with a carburetor.
  • Hard starting in certain situations


Before ordering!

Please contact us to verify where and when we can do the flashing!