Garmin ETREX handlebar case

Garmin ETREX handlebar case

SKU: TR004

Made specially for TwoRide by GizzmoVest LLC


  • Extremely Tough Textured Composite (not silicone).
  • Recesses the screen deeply for optimum screen protection when it counts - while in use.
  • Very high-grade materials. Fully washable (Open air Dry).
  • Cord Loop System for securing the case to the handlebar.
  • Activate Power Button thru-the-Case without opening. Easy GPS removal from the case.
  • A grippy, nearly indestructible Case, yet lightweight - 1.8 oz.



ONLY for Garmin eTrex 10/20/30. Does NOT fit the Hcx or other older models.


And yes - we raced and rode with this cases everywhere. We try to braek them lose in Redbull Romaniacs, no help. We crashed them into the rocks of King Of Motos, nothing happened. We flipped them over in Avandarocks, nope, zero demage. We are so confident that they will hold forever, we can offer lifetime warranty. We don't care how did you break them - If you did manage doing so and to survived to tell us about it, send it back with the accident story and we will send you a new one. Simple as that.